Mandu Festival 2021 concludes in Madhya Pradesh

Image Credit: Mandu Festival Official Website

Mandu Festival has concluded its 2021 edition after being organized from 13th to 15th February. State culture and tourism minister Usha Thakur had inaugurated the same. Dino Adventure Park & Fossils Museum, which has 24 eggs and other fossils of dinosaurs on display and is country’s first modern fossil park, was also inaugurated by the minister at the festival.

Mandu, an ancient city present in Dhar district of the state, hosts ‘Mandu Samorah’ every year and the festival is an enchanting showcase of live concerts, adventure sports, cycling expeditions, exhibitions, local cuisine along with local art and craft, promoting village tourism that benefits local community both, economically and socially.

Activities like ‘Khojne Me Kho Jao’, ‘Mandu’ering into the Wild’, Mandu Heritage Walk were all part of the festival this time as well.


For detailed information on the same, please click the link.


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