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Country’s cleanest city, Indore has been selected as supporter city to assist Ethiopian city of Bahir Dar in implementing solid waste management system.

This task has been assigned under ‘Waste Wise Cities Campaign’ initiated under UN-Habitat programme of United Nations in which applications were invited from different cities to apply either as Changemaker City- taking up the challenge OR as Supporter City- assisting a Changemaker City (civic and technical association).

“This programme is meant to clean up and establish sustainable waste management practices in 20 cities around the world by 2022. We have already adapted best possible practices in solid waste management on basis of which, we decided to go for the second option,” said Rajneesh Kasera, Additional Commissioner- Indore Municipal Corporation(IMC). He added that after careful evaluation, Indore has been selected as Supporter City to be paired with city of Bahir Dar in providing assistance in handling their solid waste management efficiently.

The key principles outlined in this campaign focus on best solid waste management practices, which include improving collection and transportation of waste, promoting 5R principles – reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink and refuse the single use items, among other efforts to change public behaviour towards waste.

“This programme would not only help us share our best practices with other cities but also bring opportunities for us to learn and improvise for future needs. Introductory calls and planned activities related to this campaign will start between the two cities once Covid-19 situation gets under control”, Kasera further added.

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Indore: City elected to groom Ethiopian city in waste management

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