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Shaurya Smarak, war memorial situated in Bhopal was reopened last Monday for the visitors. Re-opened after a gap of four months due to COVID-19 lockdown, it now comes with the provision of touch-free tickets for the tourists where the visitors can scan the QR Code showcased at the entrance and get their entry without the exchange of paper currency and ticket.

Run by Department of Culture-Directorate of Swaraj Sansthan, memorial has recommenced with a list of mandatory guidelines issued by the Sansthan in post COVID-19 scenario and they have to be strictly followed by the staff and visitors.

Caution will be exercised at all times in terms of maintaining social distancing throughout, along with the entrance into the premises being permitted only after the thermal screening of visitors, mandatory sanitization booths at strategic corners and visitors registering their name and entry before going inside. Only 50 visitors are allowed entry at one time, after which no new visitor will be allowed.

Swaraj Sanstha has mandated that after every hour, the entry would be restricted for 20 minutes. During this time, the ‘Surya Vithi’ would be sanitized properly. There is also a provision of touch-free purchasing of items through QR codes for the shoppers. Doctors are allowed to enter the premises in a specified number of turns. In the Smarak premises, like before, outside food and intoxicants are strictly prohibited. It is compulsory for visitors to wear a mask and they are not allowed to touch anything. They will have to complete the tour within stipulated time of 1 hour, with eating on premises and photography also being banned. All the suggestions for the office staff and the guards posted in the gallery and underground museum should be followed strictly by them while making sure to cooperate with the visitors.

Shaurya Smarak timings remain from 12PM to 7 PM, with Wednesday being closed for all tourists.

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Bhopal: Shaurya Smarak reopens after lockdown

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